Budapest topped the list of best cities for tourists


According to the results of the international survey attended by over 55,000 people, organized by TripAdvisor, Hungary’s capital Budapest topped the list of best cities for tourists in the nomination “The best value for money.”

We can only confirm this!


Why Hungary? Business, real estate and life in Hungary

Your own real estate and business in Hungary gives you a distinct advantage in registration permit, permanent residence and citizenship in Hungary.


Why to do business in Hungary?
Nowadays, in terms of taxation Hungary is one of the most attractive countries in the European Union. Income tax for companies registered in Hungary is only 10% (whereas it is 23% in the neighboring Slovakia!) – many foreign companies, including those with registration in Czech and Slovak Republic move their businesses to Hungary. There is a very well-developed banking sector in Hungary, represented by world-famous banks. The banks in Hungary offer customer services at least in English and German languages. You can easily manage your personal or company account by Internet and telephone. Hungary has an agreement for the avoidance of double taxation with more than 70 countries around the world.

Why to buy real estate in Hungary?
Today, Hungary is one of the most promising countries in Europe in terms of property investment. Real estate purchasing prices are very low, which is a guarantor of a stable income from investments. Renting a property in Budapest or in other regions of Hungary, for example, in the area of ​​Lake Balaton and Heviz thermal lake is very popular – it can easily become your additional income.
Foreigners can freely buy property in Hungary, both physical and legal entities.

Other advantages of Hungary:
1. Hungary is located in Central Europe and it is the country of the Schengen area. You can freely move between European countries with the starting point of Hungary.
2. The climatic conditions are very favorable in Hungary, the country is rich in its healing thermal springs. In recent years, Hungary has become one of the 15 most popular countries in tourism. Budapest being the capital of Hungary  is surely one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


3. Hungary has a rich culture and many attractions. There is a plenty of world-class events that take place here (Formula 1, festivals of moder and classical music, international sport events, etc.).
4. Hungary is a country ofa well-developed legal system and high level of public safety.
5. Life in Hungary is much cheaper than in other European countries. For example, the cost of living in Hungary for a family of 3 persons is only about 300 euro per month. offers services for company formation in Hungary, provide accounting and consulting services, assist in searching and purchasing real estate, as well as assist in any other issues related to living and doing business in this beautiful and friendly country.

Budapest is best-value city break, says Post Office

British Post Office Travel Money named Budapest as the best tourist city in Europe by comparing prices for hotel rooms, food, number of attractions, air tickets and other key indicators.

By all above-mentioned reasons the first place was given to the Hungarian capital. Weekend in Budapest with the accommodation, food and a tour will cost 150 euros per person.

The Hungarian capital was the cheapest among the 25 cities participating in the ranking. Due to its low prices, as well as stability of the British pound against the Hungarian forint, Budapest was ahead of the traditional leaders of this rating – such as Riga and Prague.

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Hungarian permanent residency for 250,000 EUR?

As it was mentioned in  recent Hungarian newspapers, the proposed legal decision published there would grant  permanent residency  to those foreigners who purchase the Hungarian government bonds for a minimum of  250,000 euros.

Why to invest in Hungary: Swiss businesses in Hungary increase their investments

An update and a short summary for potential investors looking for some new opportunities and markets

Nevertheless the global economy is still under the pressure influenced by global crisis, there is still interest for placing foreign investment and discovering new opportunities nowadays. Week companies are continuously replaced by those having stable market position and business experience in other countries and willing to expand, those having solid financing sources or long-term reliable contractual relations.

Today we have admitted it again based on the speeches of the representatives of the Swiss Embassy in Hungary during the Swiss Business Day organized by Swisscham Hungary that took place in May 2012.

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An article about EcoTime published by Evrokatalog | work, business and life in Europe: “Russian speaking concierge service in Hungary: there are no impossible tasks!” (translation)

EcoTime is a company providing concierge and life-style management services in Hungary. What the concierge service is, on what aspects they build their business and why Russian businessmen choose Hungary despite the crisis – EcoTime representatives explain below.

Please tell us briefly what the concierge service is and from where it originates.

If we look back in history, the term “concierge” evolved from «Comte des Cierge», which is translated from the Old French as the “keeper of the candle.” This is how they called people who attended the noble houses in France and were responsible for maintaining light and heat there.

The first concierge service appeared in Europe, and gained great popularity among the first families of wealthy people. Later these services gained popularity among the companies that not only sought to improve the quality of service to their customers, but also to optimize their own costs.

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